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Attract Fast Luck Mojo Bag
Attract Fast Luck Mojo Bag
Attract Fast Luck Mojo Bag
Attract Fast Luck Mojo Bag
Attract Fast Luck Mojo Bag
Attract Fast Luck Mojo Bag
Attract Fast Luck Mojo Bag
Attract Fast Luck Mojo Bag

Attract Fast Luck Mojo Bag

Attract the life you desire with our DIY Fast Luck Mojo Bag Spell. Walk into opportunity and become one of those people that win at everything. Included is all the materials you'll need and step by step instruction to help you build a powerful luck spell. Read more..

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Product description

Mojo Bags are powerful amulets, made with a collection of various magical herbs, crystals, and charms which has been prepared, charged and fixed for a particular purpose. A mojo bag is among the simplest and most effective methods for engaging magickal assistance. Other names for these charms include nation sack, mojo hand, gris gris, conjure bag and toby. 

The practice is most commonly attributed to American Hoodoo and Rootwork, but has also gained much popularity in contemporary New Age and Shamanic circles.  While opinions differ greatly among various traditions as to the "correct" method of construction, here are a couple of ways I've found to create these helpful personal amulets.

In the spiritual practice called Hoodoo, a mojo bag is an amulet consisting of a flannel bag containing one or more magical items. Basically, it is a prayer or spell in a bag.

To create a mojo bag that will attract luck into your life gather all the required materials and follow the step below. May your days be blessed with all the luck you can imagine.



Begin by cleansing your pyrite stone, evil eye mojo beads, and coin by running them under cold water for 30 seconds. Cleanse the remaining of your materials or tools with a smoke bath. 

Cleanse your space and with all your materials readily available create your sacred space

Write your intention down on the scrap of Kraft paper. You can use "I attract luck at every opportunity" or another intention of your own creation. Anoint the paper with a drop of Red Fast Luck Conjure Oil. 

Roll the anointed scrap of paper up towards you, bind it with the thread and place in inside your mojo bag. add a drop 

Place some Cinquefoil - Five Finger Grass in your palm and whisper gently to it your intention. Add a drop of the conjure oil into the pile of herb and place it in the bag. 

Add a drop of the Red Fast Luck Conjure Oil onto your pyrite stone. While you massage in the oil repeat your intention and visualize luck flowing into your life. When your stone is charged with luck energy place it into the bag. 

Repeat the above step with the coin and place it into the mojo bag.

Hold in your palm the 3 Evil Eye Mojo Beads. Talk to them and tell them how they will work to deflect bad luck from yourself. Speak to them about all the benefits they will add to your life by keep bad luck at bay. Let them know that they are making a difference in your life. 

Grab a small spoon of the Magnet Attraction Sachet Powder and sprinkle that into your mojo bag. 

Close of your bag and knot the bag securely at the top with three knots repeating the following phrases:

With knot of one, the spell's begun.
With knot of two, the spell be true.
With knot of three, the spell is free.

Close your eyes and spend the following 10 minutes visualizing all the luck you're going to draw into your life thanks to this mojo bag. Use all your senses. What will it look like? What are you drinking or eating? What are the sounds around you? Is there dialogue happening? What are you wearing? Are you standing or sitting? What do your surroundings look like? Every added detail adds power to your intention. Be there! Push that built up energy into your bag. 

Once you are happy with your mojo bag and feel that it's fully charged close down your sacred space and clean up your mess. 

Begin carrying your lucky mojo bag around with you wherever you go. At night you can place it on your altar or in a sacred space. 

Mojo bags can be maintained through regular 'feedings' (recharging). There are a variety of ways which this can be done, including but not limited to moon charging, incense smoke and attraction oils, and anointing with liquor.

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Attract Fast Luck Mojo Bag

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Attract the life you desire with our DIY Fast Luck Mojo Bag Spell. Walk into opportunity and become ..

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