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Abundance Ritual with the Goddess OShun
Abundance Ritual with the Goddess OShun
Abundance Ritual with the Goddess OShun
Abundance Ritual with the Goddess OShun
Abundance Ritual with the Goddess OShun
Abundance Ritual with the Goddess OShun

Abundance Ritual with the Goddess OShun

Use CODE SOLSTICE at checkout for 20% off the bundle. Attract abundance into your life with this summer ritual to the Orisha Oshun. With the proper intent and offerings this benevolent Goddess will bless your life with money, love and beauty. Read more..

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Product description

Oshun is an Orisha from the Yoruba faith. She is the granter of love, abundance, beauty and pleasure. She is a benevolent Goddess that loves life and bestows her worshippers with the abundant joy she holds sacred. 

She rules over all that flows in life including love, money, water, and mothers milk. Her sacred spaces are where water flows: streams and rivers, the kitchen and the bathroom.

Symbols that are associated with Oshun include oranges, cinnamon, sunflowers, water lilies, peacock feathers (especially in fan form), honey, mirrors, gold bracelets,  and the colour yellow. 

When you offer Oshun honey it is important that you taste it first. there is a story about Oshun nearly being poisoned with tainted honey, and she may look upon it with suspicion.

The numbers 5 and 15 are considered to be especially sacred to Oshun, as they represent the five fingers of the hand and the fifteen days of the full moon. These numbers are often incorporated into offerings and ceremonies dedicated to Oshun, as a way of invoking her presence and seeking her blessings.

For this ritual we will perform a bath and candle ritual dedicated to the Orisha. 




Begin by cleansing your candle and orange by running them under cold water for 30 seconds. Take 3 full breaths while holding your candle and visualize the Orisha OShun. Connect with her energy of abundance and beauty. Feel her energy running through you and the abundance she will bless your life with. Connect with her deeply, use all your senses. Breathe your intention onto your candle 3 times and whisper your intention.

Repeat this process with the orange. Proceed to slice the orange into 5 segments infusing the oranges with your gratitude for OShun. 

To dress your candle first choose a symbol for the Orisha Oshun. Appropriate symbols include a sunflowers, jar of honey and water lilies. Carve your symbol and/or Oshuns name and poor your intention onto your candle. Next run the summer solstice oil over top of your candle. Move in a clockwise direction from the top to the bottom to draw abundance to you. Finally apply the summer solstice herbal blend to your oiled candle. Once your candle is fully dressed and charged place your candle in a fire safe container where you can see it from the bathtub.

Draw your bath adding sone of the herbal blend. Using your dominant hand swirl the water in a clockwise direction to help dissolve the salts while stating your intention out loud. Feel the abundant energy flowing from the earth into your heart and out through your hand into the water.

Add 5 or 15 drops of the summer solstice oil to your bath water infusing it with confidence, happiness and gratitude. 

Add your flowers and orange slices with reverence. Repeat each time that it’s an offering for the Goddess OShun. 

Spend 10-30 minutes in the bath deeply concentrating on the abundance you’ll be blessed with. Feel beautiful, you can primp at yourself with a hand mirror or repeat affirmations to yourself. You can brush your hair and feel the abundance infused water slide over your scalp and moisturizing your skin. You can massage your body to infuse the delicious abundance throughout your body. 

Finish up your ritual by washing your body with the Coconut Conjure soap. Coconuts have a feminine protective energy, much like a mother's protection for a child. It's a gentle protection that allows for freedom but will bight back if a boundary is crossed. 

When you are ready gather your orange slices and flowers, drain the bath tub and place your candle in the middle of the tub to allow it to burn out. 

Take some time to divine any messages your candle flame has to offer. Candle flames can indicate possible blocks or results of your spell depending on the way it is burning. 

It  must be in a fire safe container and no flammable materials or substances can be around the open flame. 

Spend some time making yourself feel beautiful. Anoint yourself with the Summer Solstice Perfume Roller Make up your face, brush your hair, wear yellow clothing that makes you feel gorgeous and confidant. Place your offering of flowers and orange slices in running water if possible. A river, a pond or a fountain. If that is no possible you may leave your offering in a beautiful garden, in the forest or somewhere that you find beautiful and sacred. 

Here are 3 additional spells/rituals to celebrate Litha/Summer Solstice/Midsummer. 


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Abundance Ritual with the Goddess OShun

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Use CODE SOLSTICE at checkout for 20% off the bundle. Attract abundance into your life with this sum..

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