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Candle Divination - How To Interpret the Results of Your Spell

Candle Divination - How To Interpret the Results of Your Spell

By: Witch of WalkervilleComments: 2

Candles can communicate indications about your spell

Using candles is one of my tools to perform spells. Seen around a campfire I'm usually deeply immersed in watching the flames. They tell their own story and are a powerful way to transition you into a trance like state.

Similarly you can do this with your spell candle. If you take the time to dive into a trance state you can begin to divine messages and guidance about the spell your candle is working on. This is called candle fire scrying and is a deeply intuitive divination tool

Once your candle has been dressed and lit it’s time to pay attention to your candle. With practice you can begin to understand the insight behind its movements, the smoke and the wax. There Is a form of communication that comes from candle magic, especially if you are working with spiritual beings. 


understanding what your flame means for your spell


Understanding the Flame


The flame of your candle can indicate how the magic is working. Once you are certain that the flame is not being affected by outside influences like drafts, you can begin to pay attention to the flame and its symbolic messages.


Small flame 

If the flame is small and your candle isn’t suffering from manufacturing issues then there is work to be done. A small flame is an indication that there are blocks that need to be released in order for the magic to flow freely. This is when I would bust out the divination tools and figure out what is blocking your magic. 


Large flame

A large, steady flame can indicate that the magic is working hard in your favour. If it is too large and burns too quickly this could indicate that the magic will happen, but it will not last. 


Active Flame

An active flame indicates that the magic is fighting for you. I take this to represent active movement and determination. This is a good sign, an indication that your magic is doing what it needs to do in order to manifest. 


Movement and Noise

Excess movement and crackling can indicate that the magic is battling for you. This is a great opportunity to do some cleansing work. I would also bring in some backup like a trusted spirit guide or ancestors to aid.


what's more means for your spell


Reading Smoke


Seeing smoke when you’re burning a candle is a rarity. If you do see some it is a sign that you are either using a low quality candle, or that it’s time to pay attention. 


Towards you

If your candle was to bring an intention into your life then the smoke traveling towards you is an indication that it’ll be a success. If your candle was intended for someone else then it could be an indication that the magic will find it’s way back to you. 


Away from you

If the smoke it traveling away from you then it’s time to start practicing patience because it’ll take some time. 


Soot Stains

If you have trimmed your wick and there is la lot of soot prepare to do some work. This is an indication that there are blocks and that the candle is trying to burn through them. Perform some cleansing rituals and do some divination and self reflection to clear it up. 


understanding burn patterns and what it means for your spell


Burn Patterns

I can’t stress enough how important it is to stay around your candles to supervise them. Safety always comes first in candle magic. That being said, since you’re going to spend time around your burning candle you may as well watch it and see if the magic has any messages. 


Fast Burning Candle

A fast burning candle can indicate that your magic is strong and working quickly. If it burns too fast it could indicate that the magic is only temporary. If this is the case you may want to use another candle with the same intention.


Slow Burning Candle

A slow burning candle can indicate that the magic has some blocks to push through, or that it’ll take a long time to manifest. This is a great opportunity to do some divination and cleansing work to clear your blocks. 


Wax Tunneling

Sometime tunnelling can occur when the the wick isn’t large enough. The flame isn’t hot enough to melt the entire top surface of the candle or you haven’t allowed your candle to burn for long enough. It creates a pocket that tunnels into your candle.


If you have tunnelling in your candle that isn’t caused by poor candle quality there are some big blocks in the way. Tunnelling creates walls around your wick that causes poor air circulation and smothers your flame. I find these very symbolic as the walls (or blocks) in the way of allowing your magic to thrive.


Candle Bursts

If your candle or holder bursts and it’s not a manufacturing defect it could symbolize one of two things. Either the magic has cleared a major obstacle for you or someone could be working against you. The later of the two is especially worth considering if you’re doing uncrossing work. 


Candle magic is an art onto itself and if you choose to work with this spell form it’ll develop into a personal experience. You can start with simple spellwork by cleansing, setting an intention and finish with some observation. Over time you can slowly add layers and elements to your practice, making it unique to your magical  practice. 


Michelle Russell
Posted on 2023-03-24 19:40:01
Hi Supreme Being, I don't know the specifics of your spell but it sounds like one candle is doing a lot more work than the other or that the area the lower flame is working on has a lot of blocks it's pushing through. I suggest some journaling about what the possible blocks and ways to move through them.
Supreme Being
Posted on 2023-03-07 17:40:20
My one candle has very little flame, and the other is burning normal.

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