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Virgo Full Moon: Clarity and Letting Go of Perfectionism

Virgo Full Moon: Clarity and Letting Go of Perfectionism

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Virgo Full Moon: Clarity and Letting Go of Perfectionism

On February 24th, 2024 we have our second full moon of the year and our first full moon since the Lunar New Year. This full moon is in the sign of Virgo and it is the first feminine earth sign of the year. This time of the year symbolizes the end of winter and beginning of spring and Virgo symbolizes that connection to Mother Nature through its sign of the Maiden.

Virgos are known to be hardworking, grounded, and reliable. They do not get too caught up in the “what ifs” and “but ifs” and more so focus on the logical facts laid out in front of them. This helps keep them organized, patient and helpful.

These are some of the perfect energies to harness with the full moon and the new cycle of growth that comes along with spring.

In the spring, we focus on getting rid of the old so we can watch new opportunities grow alongside the budding trees. We are spring cleaning; finally getting rid of all that junk in our basements and garages, finally dusting in all those hard to reach places no one can see and finally pulling all those nasty weeds in our flower beds. 

This is Virgo's favourite time of year. Though for most of us these chores seem like a drag we dread completing all winter, we can use this productive energy of the full moon to begin our planning!

Goals for the Full Moon!

While Virgo has the amazing qualities of a productive person, they also struggle with things like perfectionism and being a little too critical of themselves and others! This full moon will bring on a need to quickly organize everything around us and overthinking our every move.

While we should very well ride the wave of this burst of inspiration, we must remember to go easy on ourselves and others in this time as well.

We can get things done without being so picky and judgemental. That is always how we end up pushing ourselves too much and dealing with burnout. The best thing we can do is go slow and to not be so hard on ourselves.

Sometimes there is only so much planning we can do before we must let the universe run its course. 

This clarity of the full moon is what will keep us balanced and in check!

Tools for Clarity!

  • Keep a Clear Quartz on your person and sleep with it under your bed.
  • Burn a white candle for intuition and clarity
  • Journaling
  • Meditation 
  • Exercise 
  • Take a Cut and Clear Bath to recharge your energy and feel renewed
  • Burn a full moon Let it Go candle to let go of the overthinking and mental clutter to focus on what needs to be done first.

Planning for Spring!

If a Virgo loves anything, it is a good list they can aesthetically checkmark as they complete their goals. Over here at Smudge we love goal making and checklists just as much! Go check out our seven steps to goal making post for more information!

So what can we add to our spring checklists besides all those mentioned before? We created some ideas just to ease ourselves into the spring cleaning and letting go! We brainstormed some ideas to help dial down some things we can tackle first!

-Go through all your winter clothes, what did you wear often? What did you always cast aside while picking out your outfit for the day? There is a good rule of thumb that says if you haven’t worn an item of clothing in the last eight months, you probably don’t really need it.

Clothing actually makes up a scary amount of waste in landfills due to the rise of fast fashion so getting rid of our clothes we no longer need and donating them to shelters or other causes allows us to recycle these perfectly good garments while keeping our waste out of landfills.

In cases where your sweaters may have too many holes or maybe that one cotton shirt is just stretched a little too thin, reach out to your crafty friends!

Crafty hobbyists are the perfect recyclers and they may be able to take that bag of worn out clothes off your hands!

-Books! Whether you are a reader or not, we all have a shelf somewhere in our homes stacked with unread or long finished books. Maybe you grabbed that cookbook you never actually made a recipe from or that business you ordered online in the middle of the night when you got a random inspiration for entrepreneurship.

Regardless, there’s two ways we can go amount these books:

Our first idea is to pick the ones you realistically find yourself reading and enjoying and create what book lovers call a “TBR Shelf” which just means a “to be read shelf.” This helps prioritize the books we want to read next and help us decide which ones we know won’t be turning past the first page.

With the books you have decided not to read, there are so many libraries and youth centers looking for books! Once again, this helps out both yourself, other people and the earth by recycling! 

-Lastly, we find that we have tons of things in storage we longer touch. This could be things like art supplies, sporting equipment, workout gear, the list goes on and on. I get it, we all have the urge to keep things because what if we need that one specific item on a random Tuesday in two years?

Again, sticking to our rule of thumb; if we haven’t used these tools in the last year, how much do we really need them? These items can be donated or asked around in your neighbourhood if anyone could make some good use of these items! One man’s trash is another man’s treasure as they say!

In the Spring of Things

This year is all about change and we see that more and more in the astrology of the first few months of 2024! Once again, we try our best to keep the balance because after all, that is when we are at our best versions of ourselves. A new year doesn’t have to be stressful and we can have fun and embrace the changes that are coming our way!


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