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5 Love Spells for Valentine's Day

5 Love Spells for Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day is Here!

Take a break from the cold and dark of February to celebrate a day dedicated to love! What started as an Ancient Roman Pagan holiday has since been turned into a day to show gratitude, admiration and loyalty to our loved ones. Love comes in all kinds and can take many different shapes; the love for our family, our friends, ourselves and of course our romantic partner.

Of course we love all love, but specifically Valentine’s Day is for the lovers. There are countless legends on the origins and Christianization of the special day, but a very common story takes place during the reign of the Roman Emperor, Claudius II.

The Emperor had decided men without wives and children made better soldiers, he outlawed marriage for young men. Saint Valentine had secretly continued to perform marriage rituals between young couples. When Claudius II found this out, he sentenced Valentine to death and doing so, Valentine became a martyr.

On Valentine’s Day, no matter the legend, love was always the focus. In our post, we will honour the day of lovers by listing 5 love spells you can do! Love spells can come in so many different forms and have so many different reasons, we suggest checking out our blog post on how to know if your love spells are ethical.

Love Enhancement Spells

Love enhancement spells are fun because they can be done with or without your partner. With a partner, it can be a fun activity and bonding moment but can still work doing it by yourself. With love enhancement spells, there must be love there between the couple already. Our favourite love enhancement spell is an old hoodoo formula called “Adam and Eve.” This formula can be found in candles, oils, incense and even mojo bags. 

Adam and Eve Candle Spell

We choose our “Adam and Eve” candle and oil for the perfect combo for a simple candle spell. We love seven day candles because they relit over and over and that keeps the energy flowing for a longer period of time.

Along with the candle and oil, you will need a pen and paper to write your petition paper. Begin by writing your petition, trust your intuition on what to write but its good to be precise and simple. An example can be, “The love between me and N/A is strong, loyal and long lasting.” After writing, you can anoint your words with the “Adam and Eve” oil. This paper is to be placed underneath the candle. Now to dress the candle with the oil, you can poke three, deep holes in the top of the candle and add some oil droplets inside.

When lighting the candle, focus on your intention as you light the candle and you can say the same words as you wrote on your petition. Sit and meditate with the candle, focusing your thoughts and energy on your desired outcome. 

To Keep a Lover Close

This next spell is one that takes seven days to complete. This spell comes in handy if there might be some distance between you and your partner and is done to bring you two closer which is physically represented by Adam and Eve Root.

Anoint each of the roots with Attraction, Come to Me or Adam and Eve oil and then place them at opposite sides of the room where they won’t be inferred with. You can place an attraction candle with you and your lover’s name inscribed in it to be relit every day. Every day, relight the candle and move the two pieces closer to each other.

On the seventh day, re-anoint the roots and place them in a red sachet to carry around with you.

Valentine’s Day Card

We all remember handing out Valentine’s Day cards to our classmates in grade school, why stop that tradition as we get older? There is something cute and youthful about Valentine’s Days cards. In a different origin legend of Valentine’s Day, that Valentine was the first to send such a greeting, signed, “from your Valentine” which is still used to this day.

For this spell, you can write your lover a card and be as sappy as you wish! When done, you can kiss the letter, to show your affection, before gently anointing the letter or envelope with Adam and Eve oil or Attraction oil. Writing is very energetically charged and our handwriting is like a fingerprint.

Lots of power can be manifested when we do this even if it seems as mundane as writing a letter. Anointing with oil is like a blanket wrapping it all together.

Love Attraction

Now it’s time for our singles who are ready to mingle! We have two different attraction spells for two different kinds of attracting love. We have one where we know a certain someone you would like to be with and want to bring them to you. The other is if you don’t have a person in mind but you wish to bring love into your life! 

Come to Me

“Come to Me” is another old hoodoo formula that can be found in all manners just like “Adam and Eve.” This can be used when there is a specific person you would like to draw towards you. You will need a face-to-face lover candle, “Come to Me” oil and “Come to Me” powder. Inscribe you and their names on each of the figures and then anoint the candle with “Come to Me” oil and powder.

As you light the candle, think about this person being drawn to you and deepening the relationship. Keep your intentions clear and you can say out loud or in your head what you wish them to come to you.

Face to Face Lover Figure Candle Red

Attraction Mojo Bag

If you are more so looking to attract potential partners in your life, you can create and carry around an attraction mojo bag on your person. There are so many possibilities of what you can add to a mojo bag but here is what we would choose to put in to attract love:

-red sachet bag

-tumbled rose quartz

-petition paper, “I attract the love I deserve.”

-rose petals

-cinnamon stick

-a pinch of patchouli 

-lovage root

After adding these ingredients in the red mojo bag, anoint the bag with Attraction oil and continue to anoint the bag weekly/biweekly to keep the energy fresh and flowing to you.

A Day for Love

We just love love! Valentine’s Day allows us to have the same giddy excitement as a childhood crush. It’s a day dedicated to our partners and the relationship created by two people. It is truly a magical day and there are so many ways we can add more magic to it!


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