Hello, I’m Michelle.

Owner, Creator, Product Design & Production


What Does It Mean To Be The Witch Of Walkerville?


It means that I marry the practical and the spiritual.

It means that I take my social and community responsibility seriously.  I actively support our local Hiatus House and proud to receive an Award of Recognition in 2017.  I have dedicated many years into stopping this cycle in my own family, and am very proud to be a support to others that are doing the same.  When you purchase my Smudge brands such as Filthy Witch Spa, Magickal Herbal, Aunty M’s Conjure, and Spiritual Blessing, a portion goes to help Hiatus House.  I also donate to several other charities and fundraisers throughout the year. 

It also means I have the respect of my community.  I am a proud recipient of a prestigious Biz-X Award for Windsor’s Best Little Retail Shop just 6 months after opening in 2015.

I practice in an ethical and positive way.  Every day I walk between the worlds in my line of work. I am blessed with abilities that enable me to work with and manipulate energy for healing, creating, and clearing. I am an expert on remote spiritual and energy work. My talents allow me to help others in the areas of spiritual attack and protection, uncrossing, and attachment removal.  I practice hoodoo/rootwork, transformational magic, and am expanding my knowledge daily.  For over 10 years I have been incorporating energy work and magic with personal growth. Teaching others to empower themselves by embracing their unique gifts is my passion.

I make all of my own brand products here at Smudge. The space here is sacred and protected. It is blessed, grounded and infused with new energy on a continual basis. 

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